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Specialty Care / Surgery


At Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital, we have an outstanding team of surgeons providing a wide range of surgical services ranging from routine spays to orthopedic and laproscopic procedures. Keeping the comfort and wellbeing of your pet in mind, we provide safe, monitored anesthesia that is tailored to your pet. Most importantly, we practice comprehensive pain management protocols.

Routine Spays & Neuters
All of our routine spays and neuters receive the best care, including pre-operative laboratory panels, intra-operative IV fluids, pain medication during and after the procedure, and a buster collar to promote safe healing. Throughout the surgery, all patients are monitored under anesthesia to track heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen level and ECG. Note that our standards are not compromised for subsidized procedures.

Specialty Surgery
We boast a capable staff of surgeons that perform complex orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries. These specialty procedures include cranial cruciate repairs, fracture repairs, total hip replacements, and complex abdominal and thoracic procedures.