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Specialty Care / Reproduction


Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital offers numerous reproduction services for pet owners and breeders.

  • Semen collection – This service includes collection and evaluation of pH, motility and sperm count. This includes morphology if for evaluation only or any extender used if for artificial insemination.
  • Fresh semen shipping – Includes semen collection, evaluation of pH, motility and sperm count. This also allows access to our special shipping extender, insulated containers with semen quality reports, container rental or provision of disposable container, preparation for shipment including any return shipping labels, and any requested or advised consultation with client or receiving veterinarian. 
  • Ovulation timing – This is charged per test. Normally, 3 to 5 tests after the bitch comes into estrus to determine more precisely the fertile period. Please call for details. 
    • Vaginal cytology - often used alone to determine when to start blood test.
    • Target or Status-Pro progesterone blood test - includes obtaining blood sample and preparing serum for testing.
  • Artificial insemination
    • Fresh or Chilled Semen – includes motility check and 7 minute "feathering."
    • Frozen Semen – includes motility check, and "feathering."