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We Believe

  • That our empathetic doctors and loving staff are dedicated to you and your best friend!
  • That your pets are good friends and important members of your family and deserve the best.
  • That continuity of care is a hallmark of quality medical care.
  • That when a pet has a problem, the sooner we can examine the patient, the better the outcome.
  • That having the best diagnostic tools can give you specific and transparent answers to your pet's problem.
  • That with a specific diagnosis we can give you a realistic treatment plan a prognosis.
  • That on-going investment in our staff, their education, the facility and our equipment can improve medical outcomes. 
  • That as advocates for our patients we must endeavor to relieve pain and suffering.
  • That being forthright is important and when we don't have an answer we will refer you to another facility or specialist that may be able to help.
  • That while recommending the best medical treatment plan for your pet is important giving you options that will work with your specific needs is essential.

At Butte Oroville, we will always be completely dedicated to our clients and their loved ones.