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How To Videos

These videos will help you administer at-home veterinary and maintenance care to your pet. Remember that we are always as a phone call away, but some care can be done by you at home.

  • How to administer oral medications

    These videos will instruct you in how to administer oral medications to your dog or cat.
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  • How to apply medication to your pet's eyes

    These videos will help you in administering medications to your cat's or dog's eyes.
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  • How to care for a diabetic patient

    As with people, both dogs and cats can have diabetes.
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  • How to clean your dog's ears

    Ear problems is the most frequent reason to visit your veterinarian.
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  • How to give your pet an injection

    This video shows how to give your pet an injection.
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  • How to trim your pet's nails

    These videos are helpful in understanding how to trim your pet's nails.
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