Why Your Cat Needs Extra “Cat Naps”

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Why Your Cat Needs Extra “Cat Naps”

Do you feel refreshed after a good 8-10 hour sleep? While I doubt you ever get that, your cat would feel tired if that’s all he or she got on a given day – they might even be crabby about it. The average cat sleeps for about 15 hours per day! Why do they need so much shut-eye? Here are some of the reasons that your feline coined the term "cat nap.”

They don’t have consistent sleep routines.

Have you ever heard your cat run around your house at around 2am and wondered what the heck they were doing? Most of the time, that’s when your cat receives energy and will find a toy to play with or tap into hunting instincts. Cats are most active between dawn and dusk, when most mammals rest, since they are natural hunters who use their sleep schedules as an advantage. But, since they are up at night, they will sleep when you’re awake during the day.

They have never had real predators.

There is a reason that the lion is the king of the jungle – that’s because no one messes with him! Since cats don’t have natural predators, they are able to more safely sleep in the daytime hours. No one would dare to bother a sleeping cat, especially a big one!

They don’t always get restful sleep.

After a night of bad dreams or tossing and turning, everyone wakes up the next day feeling as if their sleep was pointless. Cats are very vivid dreamers and they oftentimes wake up multiples times during one sleep. They are also naturally light sleepers as their ears are recording sounds around them of potential food and their noses are picking up on future meals around them. That’s why your cat will almost always wake up from a dead sleep when you get their food out!

Just like people, it’s normal to find that your cat’s sleep schedules vary. However, if you notice that your cat isn’t sleep as much as they should or refuses to wake up easily, it might be time to visit your veterinarian. Changes in the sleep schedule can be a sign of stress, depression or a medical issue, such as thyroid problems. If your cat shows some unusual sleeping habits, call Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital because your cat deserves all 15 hours!

Posted Monday, July 14, 2014