Who’s King of the Castle in Your House?

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Who’s King of the Castle in Your House?

Dogs have been considered loyal pets for hundreds of years, but we bet the first canine pets didn’t share beds with their owners or have designer outfits! Below are a few luxuries that many pets enjoy today. In this day in age, it makes you wonder who the "masters” are in the house! Do any of the below habits fly in your house?

They sleep in the bed.

Does your significant other spend more time than your dog in the doghouse? Many families allow the furry family members to share their beds and relax on furniture throughout the house. Dog hair is easy to clean up, right?

They get fed from a silver spoon.

Traditionally, dogs have enjoyed their meals out of a bowl on the floor at dinnertime. However, these days that kibble isn’t the only food that pets are snacking on. Whether it’s a child sneaking scraps under the table or an innocent cooking casualty, we know that food doesn’t always come from a bowl. While we encourage routine eating schedules at Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital, we understand that sometimes scraps "hit the floor.”

They dress better than their owners.

When you take your pooch for a walk, does your pet’s outfit show you up? Some of the most famous designers in the world, Louis Vuitton and Prada to name a few, have rolled out special canine collections so that your pet can be trendy too. Some dogs even have rotating outfits by season!

They are welcome in many public places.

More and more these days, local restaurants and shops are embracing dog-friendly attitudes. You can oftentimes find pets on leashes on outdoor restaurant patios, in coffee shops and walking around local shops!

We know that pets have been adored since their beginning relationships with people, but it sure has been fun to watch the evolution to today where pets are a little more pampered! They have a special place in all our hearts and we all have different ways of letting them know that they are special. The staff at Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital loves caring for your furry family members and is happy to see so many (slightly spoiled) pets every day!

Posted Thursday, April 10, 2014