Tips for a Safe Road Trip with Pets

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Tips for a Safe Road Trip with Pets

As you start planning your summer vacations, weekend getaways and family trips, one thing to ask yourself early on is: what will I do with my pet? If you know that your pet will not be joining you on your getaway, let us help you consider boarding options!

If your pet is coming along for the ride, here are a few tips to ensure a safe road trip if that’s your means of travel. 

Test the waters. 

Regardless of how used to car rides your dog is, it’s important to take a quick test drive to test out how much space will be needed, the ideal car temperatures, etc. If your pet becomes car sick, let the Butte Oroville staff know – there are many options for traveling pets with sensitive stomachs!

Talk to your veterinarian before leaving town.

Not only is it a good idea to make sure that your pet is current on all vaccinations before traveling, you should also be aware of any location-specific elements to look out for. Some climates are difficult for your pet than others and some climate even come with their own set of warnings – such as cactuses in the desert or parasites in dense forests.

Be sure to have any medications filled from your veterinarian in advance and while you are picking those up, let us know if we can print out any proof of vaccines for your travel kit…

Assemble a portable travel kit.

While packing your own bag, don’t forget to pack your pet’s belongings as well! A well-packed pet suitcase consists of first aid items such as nail clippers, bandages and tweezers, health records, food and water bowls, a pooper-scooper and an extra leash.

Take breaks.

We don’t recommend feeding your pet while the vehicle is moving as this is the most common cause of motion sickness. Instead, aim to feed your pet every 3-4 hours and use that time as a stopping point to stretch legs and go to the bathroom. Keep a leash handy for bathroom breaks as new environments can easily leave pets prone to wander.

While you are traveling, it’s also important to stay with your pet whenever possible and to never leave your dog in a warm car! Should you need to make a quick stop, have a family member remain in the car or ask the business if you can bring your dog with you.

If your pet is like most, he or she will relish in the opportunity to spend some more time with you and your family. Just be sure to build in plenty of time for stops and be aware of your pets needs as you travel. Let us know if we can help you cross off any veterinary or pet-related items on your pre-vacation lists… Happy travels!

Posted Wednesday, May 07, 2014