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Tips for a Positive Vet Experience

Is there a three-lettered V-Word that sends your dog or cat into hiding? Even though the vets and staff at Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital loves seeing your pet, we know that the feeling isn’t always mutual. But we would like to make your pet’s veterinary experience as positive as possible, so here are some tips to make your next visit to our office more smooth and enjoyable for all members of your clan.

Keep your cool.

The more you talk about it, the more it will loom over your pet and he or she will associate negative attention with the experience. You can bet that your pet knows the words "food” and "outside,” so don’t be surprised if they catch on the "vet” word as well!

Make the veterinary routine exciting.

By adding an element of fun and spontaneity to the "typical” veterinary routine, your dog will not only associate the word with the action of coming into the office, but will enjoy the break in normal routine! Some ways to add fun to a trip out of the house include stopping by a local dog park, enjoying a cup of coffee at a dog-friendly café or taking a nice, long drive.

Make scary actions less intimidating.

What part of the veterinarian’s office is most unpleasant for your pet? Getting on the scale? Having a stranger poke and prod? If you can identify the action that makes your pet most uncomfortable, you can practice at home to make the deed more familiar.

Let us know how we can help!

Our staff members are dedicated to making the experience the best possible for all involved and are very willing to work with you. Once you learn what makes your pet most uncomfortable during the exam, let us know if there is a way that we can make it better. If they are afraid of the table, we can perform an exam on the floor. If other pets intimate them in the lobby, we can escort you and your pet through private doors.

We promise to do everything in our power to make your experience a positive one during your time at Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital. We promise to offer any advice for wary pets and we will find the right adjustments to make the experience more pleasant.

Posted Wednesday, April 16, 2014