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Reduce Animal Separation Anxiety for Less Stress

Whether you’re preparing for a trip or just to leave the house for the day, you have enough to worry about without wondering how your dog is going to handle your departure. Did you unplug the coffee maker? Do you have your lunch? One question you shouldn’t have to ask yourself is, will the dog be so stressed out that he or she won’t eat or will destroy something in the house while I’m gone?

Separation anxiety in pets is a common phenomenon that can happen to pets of all breeds and ages. It’s also something that can develop with age. At Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital, we don’t want you to worry about your pet’s anxiety on a daily basis or when you travel.

Here are some tips that might bring more peace of mind while you and your pet are separated:  

  • Find comfort in your boarding or care options 

Unless your pet is in good hands, you are never truly going to stop worrying about their wellbeing. When you are gone during the day at work, consider hiring a pet walker to visit at a specific time to let your dog experience some fresh air and human companionship. Should your time away consist of traveling for a longer period of time ask a Butte Oroville staff member about our boarding facilities. Since our staff is professionally trained and knows all of your pet’s medical history, what better place to board your dog!

  • Introduce some comforts of home

Should you decide to board your pet at a local kennel during longer trips out of town, you can make them feel more at ease by bringing along a few favorite items from home. Most kennels allow blankets and toys that carry the scents and comforts of home. Keep in mind that routine items such as bowls won’t be necessary to bring along.

  • Keep affection consistent at home 

A lot of your pet’s behavior when you leave is a reflection on their daily routines. If you make a big deal out of walking out the door most mornings by using "baby talk” or creating a long, dramatic goodbye to your pets, they will associate your leaving with distress. Similarly, don’t make coming home an ordeal either. By coming and leaving as usual, your dog will take your presence and absence in stride as part of daily routine. 

  • Spend time together

While you want to be careful about creating a scene when reunited, it’s important to make your dog feel special. Take a long walk together once you bring them home or enjoy some quite time together. Especially if you board your dog at a kennel, you want to make them feel welcome again with you at home.

By taking proactive steps towards a less stressful separation with pets, you will find that you worry less during the day about how your dog is handling the time apart and you will be able to more fully enjoy vacations with the peace of mind that your dog is in good hands.

Our staff is here to help in any way that we can, whether that’s recommending a trainer or putting you in touch with a local kennel during your travels. Keep in mind that you may need copies of your records ahead of time, so give us a call! 

Posted Wednesday, April 02, 2014