Keep Pets Safe by Avoiding Oroville Coyotes

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Keep Pets Safe by Avoiding Oroville Coyotes

If you think your pets are territorial, you haven’t ever met a coyote. Especially during mating season and after their puppies are born, local coyotes can be nasty and very violent. Many Oroville residents live in areas were coyotes are common. And as more and more of their homes and our natural forest lands are destroyed, the more they will venture into backyards to try to find shelter and food.

Coyotes are mostly spotted at night, so it’s important to take precautions so that you don’t have to worry about your pet going outside when the sun goes down. These summer months are crucial and when coyotes are in the right mood, they will go after dogs or cats of any size.

Here are some tips for keeping your pets safe from coyotes:

Keep pets on leashes.

Small dogs are more susceptible to attacks as they are considered easier prey for coyotes. If you are letting your pets outside at night to use the bathroom or get some fresh air, especially if you have a large backyard we recommend walking your pets on leashes. Fencing does help, but don’t rely on that alone for protection in your yard.

Don’t leave food or water outside.

Coyotes, like dogs, have a very keen sense of smell and can track down sources of food from miles away. They will be searching for food for their puppies and in hopes that mates are also searching for food, so your yard will become a meeting place for local coyotes if you leave it outside.

Don’t tie your dog up outside.

A dog that has no options to escape will look like a size, convenient meal for a coyote. Avoid harming your pet by limiting exposed time outdoors and leaving them in an indoor crate if you leave during the day.

When they aren’t provoked or feel threatened, coyotes usually mind their own business and won’t cause any trouble around your home. Just be mindful of key breeding and mating seasons and take preventative measures to ensure your pet’s safety. Should your pet come in contact with a coyote, please seek veterinary care immediately.

Not only could there by injuries to attend to, wild coyotes can also carry diseases. If you think your pet may have come in contact with a coyote, please call Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital immediately for veterinary care.

Posted Tuesday, August 19, 2014