Is Your Business Dog Friendly? Here are Some Tips for Stellar Pet Etiquette

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Is Your Business Dog Friendly? Here are Some Tips for Stellar Pet Etiquette

Many businesses are starting to notice the benefits associated with allowing their employees to bring their pets to work; some even support special days to let furry friends visit! While bringing pets to work becomes more common, it only takes a few bad habits to make employers change their minds.

Before taking your pet to work with you, here are some tips to ensure they are model employees in no time:

  • Ask first.

It would seem obvious to ask your boss, but don’t forget to ask your co-workers as well. Some people might be allergic to dogs while others may not possess the same views. Most of the time co-workers welcome the idea of a new playmate, but it’s always courteous to ask first.

  • Take potty breaks.

You know when your pet needs to go, so try to take breaks throughout the day and work a walk into your lunch break. If you get busy, perhaps a co-worker wouldn’t mind some fresh air with your pup! The last thing you want is an accident under your desk.

  • Be prepared.

Before bringing your pet to work, be sure that you have some of the essential amenities in a drawer at your office. Some things you will need are a water bowl, a leash and spare collar, something comfortable to lie on and a few treats. It might be a good idea to throw in some dogs today or a chew bone as well in case they get a bit bored while you’re working.

  • Update records.

Not only should you make sure that your pet is current on all vaccinations before bringing him or her to your place of work, you should also keep copies of the records on file in the doggie drawer. While your pet may be healthy, if there are other dogs in the office you need to make sure that you have all the information needed in the event of an emergency. Let us know if you need us to fax over current records!

Having your dog by your side at work can be a great way to keep motivation high and maybe even make friends with a new officemate. With proper preparation and your pet’s loving disposition, your co-workers are sure to love hanging around your office and you will enjoy the extra support from your friend throughout the day!

Posted Tuesday, March 11, 2014