Dog Seat Belt Saves A Life

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Dog Seat Belt Saves A Life

We love to bring our dogs with us wherever we go and our dogs love to join in, too. But, you might not be thinking much about the car ride to get places. We all put on our seat belts for safety in case of a crash, but what about your canine family members? Dog seat belts/car harnesses can protect in case of an accident and they can also help prevent possible distraction from an unrestrained pet moving around a vehicle. If you don’t already have a seatbelt for your dog, read the story of one of our clients and her dog Mayha. 

Mayha And Her Seat Belt

My dog, Mayha is a service dog. She goes with me just about everywhere. I have a harness with a built in seatbelt for her. Recently, we went on a trip from Chico to Arizona. My sister scoffed when I mentioned putting Mayha in a seatbelt, but went with it.  


Just outside Visalia, CA, a big rig came into our lane. This caused my sister to drive halfway onto the shoulder. We fishtailed, hit the wall, and fishtailed some more. Then, we hit the wall head on and flipped the car onto the roof. We were suspended there until Good Samaritans assisted us out of the car, and cut Mayha out of her seatbelt. 

None of us had life threatening injuries. Even Mayha suffered no injuries because she was wearing her harness and was belted in! Thank Goodness!

We all want our dogs to be safe and protected. There are lots of dog seat belts and harnesses on the market; make sure you find one that fits your dog properly and has a safety rating they can prove.

Posted Thursday, September 24, 2015