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Dog Park Etiquette in Oroville

We are fortunate that there are so many great places in Oroville that are dog friendly – including our dog parks! Bringing your dog to a dog park is a great way to meet new people, introduce your dog to a new environment and help you both burn off some access energy!

Before heading over, take a few minutes to brush up on some pet etiquette tips.

Bring the waste baggies.

The quickest and most effective way to make enemies at a dog park, or any local establishment that allows pets, is to leave your pet’s waste unattended to. Rule number one for dogs parks is to bring waste baggies to clean up messes – don’t just bring one either! Not only will you have an extra for a not-so-lucky friend, your pet may surprise you with multiple occurrences!

Keep a leash handy.

Not only are leashes recommended at dog parks or at least while transporting your dog to the park, you also never know how your pet is going to react to another person or dog. Sometimes the most friendly, calm dogs at home can get protective or spooked in a new environment or around unfamiliar dogs. If you feel like your pet is uncomfortable, let the other pet owner know and throw a leash on your dog to keep him close to your side. 

Pack a safety kit.

Pet owners should be prepared for minor emergencies and know when to seek veterinary care in the case of a larger veterinary issue. Sometimes even the smallest cuts from a stick may require a quick clean and bandage. Keep bandages, spare leashes and health records in your car and don’t hesitate to contact Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital with any questions or emergencies!

Bring treats and toys.

Taking your pet to a dog park is a major adventure for your pet and he or she will likely be extremely excited! Be sure to bring toys and treats to really make the experience a positive one. In all of the open space, your pet will love having the field to chase toys and will appreciate a nice reward in the form a treat for bringing back toys and staying close to your side.

Remember that Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital is here if you have any emergencies during your adventure or questions prior to visiting. It’s recommended that your pet remain current on all vaccinations before visiting a dog park and that pet owners know when it’s time to go home. When pets get tired, that’s usually when accidents happen. 

We hope that you take advantage of the great dog parks and dog-friendly areas in our county, especially during beautiful days! These adventures will help you and your pet blow off some steam and get some mental and physical exercise. 

Posted Tuesday, September 09, 2014