Dog Dandruff: Solving and Preventing This Common Pet Problem

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Dog Dandruff: Solving and Preventing This Common Pet Problem

Similarly to humans, pets can suffer from a dry, itchy scalp. In fact, we often see cases of dandruff at Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital, especially in puppies since their skin is still stretching to accommodate their rapid growth. The most important thing to remember is that dandruff is treatable and, in many cases, preventable.

Dog dandruff is accumulated dead skin that results from lack of moisture, which becomes uncomfortable for pets as they try to scratch it.

Fortunately, there are a few preventative measures that can be taken to avoid dog dandruff, including: 

  • Baths

Did you know that excessive bathing actually leads to dry skin? Too much water dries out skin in dogs, as it does in people too – even though you would think to opposite. We advise you to bath your dog no more than once or twice a month. When you do wash your pet, it’s important to choose a moisturizing shampoo – our staff is happy to assist you in making this choice!

  • Grooming

Frequent brushing routines aren’t just recommended for a pretty coat, they are also helpful in preventing dry skin. The bristles of the brush gently scrap off dead skin and fur, which can eventually lead to dandruff when built up over time. Brushing is also beneficial because sometimes the stroking of the fur can keep lubricating glands active. Your pets will also thank you as these bristles feel like a massage!

  • Supplements

Just like you take vitamins in the morning to stay healthy, we can recommend some vitamins and supplements that have been proven to support to boost skin health for pets. For coat health, supplements that contain natural fatty acids are the most beneficial.  

If you find the telltale while flakes, call our office and a staff member can suggest a shampoo remedy that you can administer at home. We are happy to help you choose an effective and safe at-home treatment and we are always happy to see your pet to confirm dandruff if you’re concerned. There is no reason to worry, as this is a common problem, especially in the spring and winter months.

If your dog shows signed of severe itching or if you notice some dry flakes when cuddling with your furry friend, give us a call! 

Posted Thursday, February 27, 2014