Creating A Cozy Spot for Cats at Home

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Creating A Cozy Spot for Cats at Home

Cats are very luxurious creatures, oftentimes spending upwards of 15 hours a day sleeping and lounging on comfortable surfaces throughout the house. If you have a house full of pets, however, cats sometimes feel the need to find some space that allows them the quiet they desire.

When they don’t have the appropriate space or toys available to them, cats can let their curiosity take over and that’s when things around your house tend to become destroyed. While it’s not necessary to create a whole room dedicated to your cat, cats aren’t thatluxurious, your feline friend might appreciate one area in the house that has a few things special for them.

Here are some tips for creating a cozy space for your cats that they will surely enjoy:

Provide surfaces of varying heights for cats to access. 

Cats sometimes like to be on a higher level than other creatures in the house – have you ever caught your cat perched on a cabinet or dresser? They enjoy the easy access to sneaking, and the springing to new heights creates excellent exercise. Most household shelves are off limits as they are filled with valuables, but create an area of clean shelves for cats to enjoy or purchase a multi-level hangout at a pet store.

Make a cozy window perch.

As birds go by and leaves blow in the wind, cats love to stare and play with moving objects on the other side of the window for hours. Especially if your cat loves to sit on your windowsill, consider adding a blanket or cat bed to a favorite window spot to make the spot more welcoming.

Stock your house with cat toys!

Especially if you have a kitten, it’s important to have some cat-friendly toy options for play. As we shared in our blog post about preparing your house for kittens, when there aren’t enough toys in the house, cats can become bored. By offering some cat-friendly toys, your cat will benefit from increased mental and physical stimulation.  

Cats appreciate custom treatment that makes them feel special, especially if their multi-leveled devices allow them to get away from playful dogs and they have toys that are made just for them. Additionally, by creating a nice spot for them you will always know where to find them! 

Posted Saturday, September 27, 2014