Celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month by Vaccinating Your Pet

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Celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month by Vaccinating Your Pet

Did you know thatAugust is National Immunization Awareness Month? Vaccines are so important that there is a whole month dedicated to reminding pet owners that your pet should be receiving annual exams and vaccinations.

Vaccinations are a critical, modern tool that veterinarians use to ensure that your pet stays as healthy as possible, and every pet will have a different set of vaccinations that are recommended based on lifestyle and age, so that’s why it’s important that your vet sees your pet to determine which immunizations they recommend. 

Please rest assured that the vaccinations we store at our facility and recommend to our patients are properly stored for maximum effectiveness, are current on their expiration dates and kept in a safe environment to avoid cracks in the fragile packaging. These measures are taken so that you as a pet owner feel more comfortable with the vaccines that we administer. 

Curious about the different vaccinations we offer at Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital? Below are the most common vaccines administered at our hospital.

Rabies:This vaccine is the only one that is required by the law to administer. When contracted, this disease is fatal to dogs and cats and is carried by wild animals. This disease also has the ability to infect humans, so it’s important to stay current on vaccines.

Parvovirus:Many people aren’t as familiar with parvovirus, even though it is extremely fatal and surprisingly the most commonly diagnosed. Since it’s a virus, there is no cure. Fortunately, the parvovirus vaccine is very effective – which makes it highly recommended by veterinary professionals.

Bordetella:Kennel cough is quite common, especially if dogs are boarded or around other dogs in classes or dog parks. This disease is spread very quickly, but the vaccine is effective in protecting your pet. We recommend that pet owners seek the booster shot every six months for maximum protection. 

Leptospirosis: This disease is commonly seen in dogs that have been exposed to or ingested contaminated drinking water. This deadly disease can be spread to humans and is found in rivers, lakes and ponds. 

Feline Leukemia Virus and FVRCP: These are two vaccines that are crucial for cats. Feline Leukemia is spread from cat to cat due to bodily fluids, even if the infected cat doesn’t show any symptoms. These vaccines protect cats against feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia (feline parvovirus) and is highly effective.

Rattlesnake vaccines: As many pet owners know, rattlesnakes are very common in our area, so we keep special rattlesnake vaccines in stock should you ever experience any emergency after an encounter. These vaccines can be controversial, so be sure to discuss with your veterinarian first.

Vaccinations are most effective when they are administered as recommend on a consistent basis. When your pet is current on all immunizations, you are greatly reducing the chances that your pet will become infected with a dangerous and potentially fatal disease. This August, help us celebrate National Immunization Awareness Month and bring in your pet for their vaccinations! 

Posted Tuesday, August 12, 2014