Bird Grooming: “Spa Services” Recommended for Our Feathered Friends

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Bird Grooming: “Spa Services” Recommended for Our Feathered Friends

Birds are very common pets in Oroville and require specific care to keep them healthy and comfortable. In the wild, nature takes care of many grooming needs naturally, but when birds inhabit homes or businesses, they aren’t exposed to the same elements that keep them in order. That’s why we recommend frequent grooming appointments to not only ensure that your bird is healthy, but to make them safer for your home and more comfortable.

Below are some of the "spa service” we offer at Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital for our feathered friends.

Nail Trimming

Long nails are common problems for birds in captivity. In the wild, gnarly branches, rocks and other outdoor conditions help to naturally keep your bird’s nails filed down. However, in cages or home, nails grow longer and can become uncomfortable and can even keep your birds from moving. In some case, birds can even accidently puncture the skin when they become too long. Regular trimming keeps the toenails at a proper length.

Wing clipping

When wings aren’t clipped, you are encouraging your bird to fly –which can be problematic for indoor birds. It’s easy for birds with unclipped wings to fly out of a window to be lost forever or even fly into a mirror and suffer a potentially fatal injury. Other potentially harmful injuries that occur when wings aren’t trimmed include flying into a ceiling fan, coming in contact with toxins that may be kept high on shelves or landing on a hot stove top. Trimming the wings to avoid flying helps keep your bird safe and can easily prevent the listed emergencies.

Beak trimming

Wild birds keep their beaks trimmed by eating and chewing often, sometimes coming in contact with rougher surfaces that can file down any unwanted growth. Pet birds, however, don’t have exposure to harder elements, which can lead to an overgrown beak. When beaks become too overgrown, it can be difficult for your bird to eat and can even lead to starvation. Regular beak trimming keeps beaks at a comfortable length and allows your bird to remain functional.

Birds make great companions and many can live for a long number of years when properly cared for. Just like any other pet, it’s essential to make regular health exams and schedule a handful of "spa days” to receive the necessary nail trimming, wing clipping and beak trimming services.

We offer all of the above services at Butte Oroville Veterinary Hospital and many of our veterinary staff members are specialists in exotics and bird care. If you have a feathered friend at home, let us know how we can help keep him or her healthy and comfortable so you can enjoy many years together.

Posted Monday, August 04, 2014