Best Practices for Dogs in the City

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Best Practices for Dogs in the City

Large cities usually come with small apartments and little open space. Regardless of where you live, however, we think that furry friends always make a space more inviting and homey! Pet owners who live in urban areas, however, sometimes run into unique challenges that our rural friends don’t have to worry about.

Since we don’t want you or your pet to feel as if you aren’t getting the most out of your living situation, we wanted to share a few tips that may make owning a dog in the city every bit as exciting as you hoped! 

  • Help your pet adjust to city noises.

Cities are noisy and much of it is out of your control! If you have a puppy, it’s much easier for him or her to acclimate. If you recently moved to the city or adopted an older dog, the sirens, loud neighbors and busy sidewalks may be more of a slow adjustment. The best way for your pet to get used to this environment is to enroll him or her in a socialization class. Here, they will learn to ignore certain noises and you may even meet some new friends. 

  • Look for units with easy access to the outdoors. 

Especially if you have a puppy in your apartment, we suggest choosing a unit on the first few floors. This way, you have easy access to outdoor space if your pet has an emergency bathroom run. And if your pet is vomiting or experiencing diarrhea, you’ll thank yourself for not getting trapped in an elevator!

  • Locate a dog park or dog-friendly restaurants.  

More public places are dog friendly today than ever before. Since you’re up and about throughout the day, your pet should experience some fresh air as well. We are lucky in that the weather allows us to enjoy the outdoors year-round and we have a handful of pet-friendly public places around our county. 

Once you and your pet are settled in your new location, it’s important to quickly locate a veterinarian. That way, you can set up an appointment to get to know your veterinary care provider, ask any questions or reach out should your pet have a hard time adjusting.

The Butte Oroville staff welcomes new clients and would love to recommend some local favorites! We can also help you find socialization classes and provide additional tips to help make the moving process easier with a pet. 

Posted Wednesday, May 28, 2014